about us

Student council

of the University of Applied Sciences

Who are we?

We are a superordinated council of students that is elected annually and consists of eleven members. Our task is
to be a representative of students towards professors and other parties of the University of Applied Sciences as well as towards groups outside (e.g. railroad associations with regards to the students train ticket).
We do our best to be a contact person for our fellow students.
Beside this we manage a part of your semester fees that is used for students projects and events organized by the student council or the faculties' councils.

Our meetings are public and we’re pleased about every guest aswell as people who want to participate.

We are in building C, room 0008 (and sometimes we are actually there).
Better ways to reach out are by digital ways:

Site on facebook.com

current committee

  • André Sommer (chairman)
  • Nils Freydank (deputy chairman, minute taker)
  • Maximilian Hermanns (customs officer)

  • Jannik Wuttke (treasurer)
  • Sophie Krug (deputy minute taker)
  • Philipp Baldauf
  • Doreen Bitterlich
  • Rebecca-Vienna Hummel
  • Katrin Merkle
  • Dominic Pavel
  • Alexandros Triantis


We are organised in several departments:

  • finances (chairman and deputy chairman, customs officer, treasurer)
  • culture and public relations (Alexandros Triantis, Nils Freydank)
  • KTS, students ticket ThürHG (Marcel Oschmann, Peter Baldt, André Sommer, Philipp Taufkirch, Nils Freydank)
  • IT (Nils Freydank)

If you want to participate, please let us know! ☺

official boards

We delegate persons into official boards. These are (with offiical names written inside the round brackets):

  • senate ("Senat"; Lara Albert)
  • canteen board ("Mensaausschuss"; Rebecca-Vienna Hummel, Sophie Krug)
  • library board ("Bibliotheksausschuss"; Sophie Krug, Jannik Wuttke, Nils Freydank)
  • central study comission ("Zentrale Studienkommission"; Dominic Pavel, Alexandros Triantis)
  • KTS, i.e. conference of thuringian students - see departments ("Konferenz thüringer Studierendenschaften")
  • universitys council ("Hochschulrat"; André Sommer)